How to Sense the Energy of your Crystal

Crystal healing has been a global phenomenon for decades. People across the globe collect and utilize various crystals in their daily life. They come in many shapes, forms, colors, varieties, etc. When it comes to the actual healing, it is done through the particular crystal's vibrations and energy.

Now many people think that this whole crystal healing thing is a sham, and their skepticism is warranted because to the layman, crystals look like pretty shiny rocks, which at the very best, would have decorative value.

Such people think that people who are into crystal healing are just stimulating their minds and bodies to heal themselves, using crystals as placebos.

Such is not the case because when things are done right, one can physically feel a crystal's energy. Many people who are new to crystal healing can't get the hang of things and can use this guide.

Other, more experienced collectors can find it challenging to connect with a new crystal that can also use this guide. So here's how to sense the energy of a crystal.

  • It is highly recommended that you work with a freshly charged and cleansed crystal because those are the ones that will have the most energy, which means feeling their power is much more comfortable. Crystals can be set or purified using moonlight, sunlight, dirt, running water, sage, etc., depending on what crystal it is.
  • There is no correct way to connect with your crystal. With both crystals and people, individualism is a big thing. It can vary from crystal to crystal, and people to figure out how to get that link established. The best guide in these matters is your intuition and instinct. Crystal energy can be very subtle or massive, and how you feel it can depend on several factors.
  • Because of the subtlety of the crystals' energy, it can go undetected and can be hard to recognize. This leads to frustrating situations that end up with you giving up on trying to connect with the crystal. It is essential not to lose hope because, after a few times, you can start to connect with your crystal.
  • Take your charged and cleansed crystal in your hand, start focusing on that hand, and then eventually your entire physical body. Does the crystal feel hot or cold in your hand? Does it feel like it is vibrating or shaking in your hand? Do you think tingles up and down your spine? Any of these sensations or anything out of the ordinary means that you're starting to connect with the crystal.
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