How To Sense Crystal Energy

How To Sense Crystal Energy

Crystals are great healers and have several metaphysical properties that make them extra special. In order to work with these crystals, it is imperative to form a connection with them and in order to form the connection, it is important that the person using the crystals can feel and experience the energy that the crystals radiate.

Following these few tips, you can also understand how you one sense the crystal energy.

  • Use a new or re-energized stone

Crystals that have been used generally lose their powers but, these powers can be re-generated after cleansing and re-energizing the crystals. Before starting to work with the crystals, make sure the crystals are either new or at least, cleansed or revitalized since the cleansed crystals have stronger powers. There are different ways of cleaning the crystals.

  • Create a connection

Your instincts will guide you to find the right crystal for you but it is your mind and body that will help in establishing the connection. Take the crystal in your hand and try sensing the energy that the particular crystal radiates. You can feel the energy flow from the crystal when you put complete focus on the stone.

  • Do not give up

It is not uncommon to not feel any kind of energy vibration from the crystal immediately. Don’t lose hope. Patience is a virtue that will surely provide results. It takes time, patience, and lots of practice to feel the subtle sensations form your crystals.

  • Create the atmosphere necessary to create the connection

Before placing the crystals in your hand, rub your palms together to generate heat that will create a center for energy and will make easier to sense the crystal energy when placed in your palm.

Once you place the crystal on your hand, focus on the stone and how you are feeling when the stone touches your skin. You might feel the vibrations immediately, depending upon the crystal, but may take time to feel the energy flow, in case of certain crystals. It is imperative to create a connection.

You might feel the crystal turn hot or cold in your palm, or you might feel a kind of vibration from the stone. The stone might shiver in your hand or send a shiver down your spine; you might feel anxious or even nervous. All these are clear signs of sensing crystal energy.

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