How to make a customized chakra bracelet?

How to make a customized chakra bracelet

Chakra bracelet  is a very effective piece of jewelry. The healing properties of different crystals from which this bracelet is made help to balance the chakras inside the body of an individual. These crystals vibrate at specific frequencies that help in the healing process. These bracelets can be customized depending upon the problems that an individual is facing. The chakra bracelet interacts with the 7 energy fields or chakras inside the human body. Each of these 7 chakras has a specific function of its own and assists in the well-being of the organs or the area it is associated with. When these 7 chakras are perfectly balanced, a state of calmness can be achieved. The 7 chakras and their respective stones are given below:

1. Root chakra: Smoky quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, ruby, garnet, black onyx

2. Sacral chakra: Ruby, carnelian, sunstone

3. Solar plexus chakra: calcite, pyrite, citrine, tiger’s eye

4. Heart chakra: Rose quartz, aventurine, jade, emerald, ruby, rhodonite

5. Throat chakra: blue lace agate, blue calcite, sodalite, blue kyanite

6. Third eye: Sapphire, amethyst, lapis lazuli, azurite

7. Crown chakra: Clear quartz, diamond, Amethyst, K2, Selenite

Making a chakra bracelet is very easy. It all depends on the problems that you are facing and the stones that would help you to overcome those problems through healing. You can also customize the bracelet according to the chakra that you wish to stabilize inside your body. For example, if you feel that the throat chakra is imbalanced, then you can wear seven stones of blue lace agate or sodalite to balance the throat chakra. But in case you want all seven of your chakras to be free-flowing with energy, then you need to choose one stone for each chakra in the bracelet. But before going forward, you need to ensure that the stones which you are using for the bracelet are purchased from an authentic distributor. This should be done because it guarantees that the stones are genuine and are ethically sourced, which also helps to increase the impact of those stones. Another important thing is to make sure that you include clear quartz at the ends of the bracelet because this crystal amplifies the energy of the other crystals present in the bracelet.

Chakra bracelet can be very helpful if you have a clear idea of the working of the 7 chakras and the stones associated with them.

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