How to Improve your Garden with the Help of Gemstones

If you’re someone who enjoys gardening but are struggling with vague growth and dying green life, you’ve stumbled upon the right post! You must’ve tried various mixtures of fertilizers, manures, cutting techniques, strict guidelines to water your plants, etc. but nothing seems to work.
So here’s a tried and tested way to help bring new life into your garden. Sometimes all your garden needs are the push in the right direction to improve their vitality. The powers of crystal healing impact all life, and that includes flora along with the fauna.
Here’s a look at some crystals you can integrate into your garden for a lush green cover!
Clear Quartz: Well regarded for its high vibrational energy, Clear Quartz is known as a master healer. In the garden, it stimulates growth and healing for damaged plant life. It specifically helps tomato plants repel pests and diseases.

Moss Agate: Green stones are considered to be earth tones, and have powers that stimulate plant growth. Moss Agate is one of those stones which are perfect in the garden. Aesthetically, and otherwise, Moss Agate fits right in your garden!
Tree Agate: This beautiful green stone is another valuable addition to your garden. It is known to drown negativity and promote harmonious energy for the growth of plants. It’s an eye-catching stone that blends right in with your plants

Green Adventurine: This stone comes in various shades of green from light to dark. People prefer the mystical Jadestone for their Zen garden, but it’s expensive. Green Adventurine can serve as a brilliant cost-friendly option for those people.

Malachite: This stone represents fertility, vitality, and abundance. Another green stone on this list, Malachite has healing powers that make it a perfect placeholder on this list.

Citrine: This yellow stone is filled with the energy of the Sun. Its warm energy promotes happiness and positive energy, which can impact plant life in a very positive way. It also blends in perfectly with all the greenery.

Moonstone: Moonstone is a pretty white to cloudy ranging crystal that is perfect for moon gardens. It promotes fertility and health for the plants, and peace and relaxation for human beings walking in the garden.

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