How To Identify Raw Moonstone

How To Identify Raw Moonstone
Moonstone is considered to be on the most gentle stones in the field of the crystal healing industry. This energy stone is said to be filled with the feminine energy of the moon and is said to calm down your mind and body.
Moonstones are a type of feldspar which is the most plentiful mineral on earth, a mixture of silica & aluminium which makes up more than half of the Earth’s crust.
Rainbow Moonstone is a variety of labradorite which has a shimmering or iridescent quality similar to moonstone.
A rare but very popular variety of moonstone is Cat’s Eye or Star Moonstone where the inclusions within the gemstone reflect a thin band of light resembling the eye of the cat, or less commonly, a star of 4 to 6 or even more rays.
When buyers select this stone, they look for three key factors – bodycolour, colour, & orientation of the sheen. These healing crystal range in appearance from semi-transparent to opaque & colourless to white, with a blue, silver or white adularescent effect.
The bodycolours of this healing stone vary wildly. They can be green, yellow to brown or gray to nearly black.
Moonstone can be described as a translucent to transparent stone and the more transparent they are, the more valuable they become. Inclusions can interfere with the effect of the gemstone’s adularescence, so the fewer the better.
The moonstone is always cut into an oval and circle-shaped smooth domes or cabochons as it best shows their shimmering glow.
Moonstone comes in a wide range of sizes & carat weights. This energy stone is popularly used in making decorative jewellery elements such as cameos.
The uneven surface of the carving combines with the shifting adularescent sheen to create a delightfully intricate & lively effect.

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