How to find Out if Your Chakras are Blocked?

Chakras are the 7 energy centers that go along our spine throughout the body and control different domains of our bodies. The literal translation of the word Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit.
This is a straightforward meaning because for chakras to work, they are imagined to spin with specific energy to keep the engines working correctly and get the job done. When our chakras are not aligned, not in sync, or are in a state of imbalance, we feel tired, burned out, groggy, and low on any energy. This happens when one or more chakras are spinning too fast or too slow.
People have so many practices they employ to keep their chakras in check and aligned. Yet, daily life has a way of throwing us off balance, which needs constant recalibrating and improvisation when it comes to energy preservation and what not.

But to do that, we need to be precise with our diagnosis and target the Chakra that needs our attention. Here's a guide to help you how to tell which Chakra needs help.

Root Chakra: The Root Chakra is placed at the bottom-most seats in our body. Instability in the Root or Base Chakra makes you feel unsettled, sluggish, and inflexible in life. You’ll feel pain and stiffness in your legs and lower body. There’s an air of dread that makes you feel ungrounded and unsafe.
Sacral Chakra: Moving up, next comes the Sacral Chakra which controls our emotions and an imbalance in this chakra makes us feel emotionally blocked up and causes problems for us to find sexual intimacy. Physical aches include hips and lower back. It also diminishes imagination and creativity.
Solar Plexus Chakra: Poor self-esteem or over-inflated egos are both symptoms of an out of sync Solar Plexus Chakra. One feels powerless or victimized because of it. This causes an inability to commit or achieve goals. Physically it causes digestive problems and stomach ache.
Heart Chakra: Pain in the upper back, chest, shoulders are some of the first signs that your Heart Chakra is blocked up. You find it difficult to propagate or receive love and channeling your self-compassion.
Throat Chakra: When you feel a little less communicative than usual, your Throat Chakra is not in the best shape. There’s a fear of speaking freely and communicating your feelings. There’s also a pain in the throat, neck, and jaws.
Third-Eye Chakra: The symptoms that indicate a blocked Third-Eye Chakra are headaches and tensions in your frontal part of the skull. There’s a lack of imagination, brain fog, and difficulty in making decisions.
Crown Chakra: The Crown Chakra is all about stability in the head and your connection to spirituality. When you feel disoriented and disconnected from nature, you have a case of a blocked Crown Chakra. Some symptoms are over-attachment to material possessions, migraines and tension headaches, and a lack of perspective.

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