How to Decide the Size of Crystal?

How to Decide the Size of Crystal?
Crystal healing is a therapy that involves placing the healing crystals on your body or close to it to draw out negative energy. The human body generates an electromagnetic field and the healing crystals interact with this field and absorb the negative energies from it.
Now you can either place these crystals around your house at certain places or you can carry them along with you in your pockets or purse. You can even place them beside your bed so that you get a good, undisturbed sleep and you wake up feeling positive the next day.
One question which is usually raised when using crystal healing is that if the crystal size matters. This question is relative and depends upon the situation. For example, if you take two crystals of the same mineral with different sizes, you will definitely feel that the larger crystal is more effective than the smaller crystal.
Just like two different sized magnets do not have the same power, a smaller crystal proves to be less effective than its larger counterpart.
The dimensions of a crystal do not affect its energy but they do affect the vibrations of a particular stone. The vibrations are basically the frequency of a crystal at which it emits its energy.
The high vibrating crystals are therefore used in jewellery so that the user can feel their energies throughout the day, while the larger crystals are mostly placed in the house where they are more effective.
In the end, we can very well say that the size of a crystal is totally dependent upon an individual and his ability to feel the energy that is emitting from those crystals. It is a fact that the size of a crystal is directly proportional to its power, but one needs to understand that in spite of being small if the crystal has high vibrations, then there is no need to buy a larger crystal.
After all, it all depends upon how you feel with that crystal around you and how you connect yourself with it.

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