How to Clear Energies with Smudging

Every being or a non-living being carries sort of energy which is considered to positive or negative; Positive energy makes your environment healthy and blissful but a negative environment open doors for rage, abhorrence,& cynicism. We, humans, are in constant contact with these energies; we take home both (positive & negative). Additional to this, our home absorbs all these energies from us for e.g. if someone has an argument; the negative energy accumulates in different pockets of a room.

How to Clear Energies with Smudging

Smudging off these negative energies is a must, Smudging can purify a human body, home, or office. It’s a popular technique used by Fengshui practitioners, Native American, and some healing practitioners to date. Smudging is a sacred ceremony, so it is best to perform with full awareness and in a slow, mindful manner.

Materials required for smudging are:

1. Smudge stick (Lavender, Cedar, Rosemary & White Sage)

2. Candles & Matches

3. Fireproof Containers (prominently used are abalone shell or clay pot)

4. Feather (optional)

5. Bowl with sand (For extinguishing smudge sticks)

Elaborating further about Smudge sticks lavender is used for brings balance, peace & relaxation; Cedar is used for it’s for purifying, and attracting positive energy; Rosemary for bringing clarity to challenges; Most commonly used White Sage for inviting transformation.

Steps to clear energies at home with smudging

1. Prepare:

Make sure all the windows and doors are closed, it is best if you create a sense of ceremony when you smudge your house. Hold your intention of smudging in your mind before the next step

2. Light the Smudge:

Say a small prayer and with the help of candle & matches, lit the tip of the smudge stick, then gently wave the chosen smudge stick in the air.

3. Roam with the Smudge stick: Carry this positivity into every room in your home, especially the corners, wardrobes, bathrooms where the negative energy resides. Also, make sure to carry fireproof container along with Smudge stick. One can use a feather to wave off the smoke in every direction.

4. Discarding Ashes:

Use a bowl of sand to extinguish the fire and then either flush water down the ashes in the toilet or return them to earth with gratitude.

Burning the sage inside a shell combines all four elements – the sage representing the earth, the shell representing water, the flame representing fire, and the smoke representing air.

A well-purified home refurbishes balance and harmony in our life & helps them lead a healthy & active lifestyle.

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