How to cleanse crystals in a copper pyramid

How to cleanse crystals in a copper pyramid

There are many types of pyramids, one that includes three-dimensional pyramid frames, that are mostly made of copper bars or pipes. Copper is used because it is a very powerful electrical conductor. Such pyramids can be small or large enough to sit in and meditate. They are mostly made using the exact angles and proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. 

These devices are used to increase the potency and energy in fruits, water and vitamins. This energy is called ‘pyramid charging’ because pyramids cleanse and balance energies. If you place a Copper Pyramid over a Crystal Grid, it will keep your crystals clean and protected, and it will amplify the effects of the Crystal Grid for healing and manifestation. They are also very easy to use and no other thing such as making any noise is required. The Pyramid is simple to use and it does all the work for you, so all you need to do is sleep and it will cleanse everything for you! 

How Do They Work?

If you want to clean your jewellery, you must place it underneath your copper pyramid. Leave it overnight to cleanse and recharge so that you can wear it in the morning. If you want to make your jewellery look even better and use better crystals, line your pyramid with Selenite to lay your jewellery on.

If you want to cleanse, recharge and amplify your crystals, place them under your copper pyramid to amplify their energy. This makes the crystals vibrate with light and it magnifies their energy.

If you want to amplify a crystal grid, create one below your copper pyramid to amplify your intention.

How To Cleanse Crystals in a Copper Pyramid

You must carefully align one of the sides of your Pyramid towards the magnetic North direction with a compass. Then, place your crystals inside the pyramid in the middle area, which is under the point. Afterwards, leave it for an hour or even overnight to also boost their energies.

Where do I find a Copper Pyramid?

Copper is not cheap to get these days, and with the work that is involved in this process, it can get pretty expensive. Even though it looks like an easy job, it actually isn't. Everything needs to be very carefully made and measured.

You can buy a relatively cheaper one that is made by someone else like the ones on you find on Etsy. But you must be sure to check that the proportions are done properly. Remember that if the Copper pipes are not specially coated, they will turn brown over time. 

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