How to Choose Water Safe Crystals

How to Choose Water Safe Crystals

Mixing water with crystals has seen a rising trend in recent years as more and more people are now inclined towards drinking this water or using it to wash their faces, hair, etc. Water is highly programmable and easily takes on the vibrational frequency of the crystals. This crystal-infused solution is also called as an elixir and can be used to treat a variety of problems. You can find many crystal enthusiasts having water bottles filled with the elixir of their favorite crystal. Another way of utilizing these beautiful gems with water is to use them while having a bath. Adding crystals to your bath is an ideal way to relax and bathe in the positive energy emitting from those crystals. And if you add candles, essential oils and Epsom salts to this, then you are in for some divine and peaceful experience. However, an important question that might pop up in your mind is that which crystals are safe to be used with water? 

There are numerous crystals available in the world and not all of them are safe to be used in water. Thus you need to have extensive knowledge about the crystals that you are willing to use for healing and check whether they are water-soluble or not. This is important because there are some crystals that are toxic while some are easily damaged by water. These crystals can corrode, rust or even dissolve in water and might also contain minerals or radiation which makes them toxic for the human body. For example, hematite cannot be used in water because it reacts badly with it and rusts and dissolves in the water. Another example is malachite as it contains high quantities of copper which can disrupt your metabolic function. So how to identify whether your crystal is safe to be used in water or not? There are actually dozens of sites on the internet which provide a rough list of toxic as well as water-safe crystals. You can just scroll through that list and know which crystals are safe to be used in water and which are not. Another way of determining the water-friendliness of your crystals is by checking its hardness because crystals with a Mohs hardness of 5 or less should not be used in water. Common examples of crystals that are widely used and safe to be put in water are quartz (rose, clear and smoky), amethyst and citrine. All you need to do is ensure that you have cleansed these crystals thoroughly and have washed off any external elements from their surface, before putting them in water.

This popular energy healing tool has come under a lot of scrutinies because many people think that it is not safe to drink this water and that it might lead to some health issues. These people can then opt for the indirect method which includes keeping the crystal outside of your vessel overnight or taping them to your bottle. This ensures that you are not directly ingesting the crystal-infused water but are also able to avail its benefits. Crystal elixir is an easy and efficient way to utilize the healing properties of the crystals provided you know which crystals to avoid and which to use.

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