How to Bond with your Crystals?

Skeptics of the alternative healing arts will always question whether these methods even work? The science behind things like meditation and mindfulness is simple. You tune yourself out of the world, take an in-depth look inside and try to familiarize yourself with what you find.
But with crystal healing, the theories are very different. The practice believes that you have to align your soul and energy with a piece of shiny rock and let it do its magic. Sounds like a load of bullshit, right? But the results are astoundingly in favor of these collectors and healers that claim that these crystals have altering abilities for your body, mind, spirit, behavior, and whatnot.
Then comes the question of whether it works the same for everybody or not. The answer to that is complicated. It is kind of like finding friends and making do with associates that you have utility with. If you don’t connect with a crystal, they are only suitable for decoration and gracing your place with their positive vibes.
But when you really connect with a crystal properly, it becomes your best friend. Depending on who you are, when you were born, what are your habits, what you want in life, etc., the crystal that is best suited for your changes drastically.
Let’s discuss a few methods to try and connect with your crystal. One thing that seems to work a lot is using your own voice. This is how you can set intentions to your crystal using the divine form of communication given to you by birth.
This is the kind of personal touch you need to provide your crystal to get a feel of you and work aligned with your energy. Another thing that brings the best out of a crystal is being in the element it represents.
Sun, rain, moonlight, or wind, depending on what element your crystal belongs to, giving them plenty of that element will keep the crystal charged and clear of bad vibes. This is a great way to connect with your crystal.
There are other methods and rituals to activate and cleanse your crystals which stimulate ideal conditions for the crystals to connect with you. Using sound is one way to do so.
People use tuning forks and sound bowls to good avail when it comes to activating crystals. Another way is using incense sticks and burning sage to cleanse the crystal.
As soon as you start feeling a tinge of a vibration, know that your crystal has connected with you. Once you connect with your crystal, the possibilities are endless, and for the individual to find out.

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