How to balance the chakras in your body


Hello there everyone, welcome back to the CRYSTAL AGATE BRACELETS blog. Getting back with the discussion where we had paused on the last article regarding how chakras are maintained.

Let’s get back straight to the agenda, we were discussing the seven chakras and techniques to balance the chakras. Today we would be discussing how chakras are maintained.


As a daily method, chakras can be balanced by meditation.

Start off by cleaning your chakras and the auric field around you. You can use cleansing methods such as sage, earth, salt or any other correct preferable method to keep your crystals clean too. Why is this required? This helps clear the negative energy around you for better meditation.

Moving on, bond a connection to your support system – call in an intention, pray and recall upon your divine gods. Ask that you only receive the highest, purest, divine source of truth there is. Envision a white light running all around you so that you are within your own bubble of divine light.

Chanting your name in your own head - this encourages you to feel safe in your body. This process is important because it is highly protective and reassures that you will perceive your chakras as they really are.

Beginning with the root chakra,

Now begin at the root chakra, close your eyes, focus at the point between your brows, and be open to receiving inner visions. Ask your source of Divinity for the clearing, balancing, and alignment of this chakra. Envision all negative, lower vibrational energies flowing out of you and dissipating into white Divine Light.

Repeat this process for each chakra going up. The next chakra for example would be the second chakra, the sacral chakra until the seventh chakra, the crown chakra. You can hold your corresponding crystal to help tap into each chakra. It is advised to conceal the root chakra up to the throat chakra once the process is over to protect each one and maintain the balance and clarity achieved.


Checking in on your chakras and balancing them on a regular basis can help you find mental, emotional and physical clarity. Adapting these daily practices can have a huge long-term impact on yourself.

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