How the Shapes of Crystals Change How They Work

Anyone that knows anything about crystals knows that they are present in a wide variety of colours and shades. Sometimes the same type of crystal can exist in multiple colours depending on their elemental composition.
These colours change the impact a stone has on human beings. Two different coloured stones of the same family can mean two very different things. Similarly, stones being cut into various shapes also make a difference.
Shape altering doesn’t change the chemical composition of the stone, hence makes no difference in their energy or vibration. However, their shape makes a difference in how their energy is perceived by human beings close to them.
Crystal shapes have a significant impact on the intention and the experience that a person has while picking them. Here are a few examples of famous shapes and their impact on the crystal.
It is that meditating with a cubic crystal can help you connect your energy to the earth. It is a great tool for grounding your energy. It is suggested to keep cubic crystals in the corners of your room.

Crystal pyramids have a high significance in the world. Just the pyramid shape is mystical and has many metaphysical properties. Combine them with the magic of crystals, and they bring forces of other realms to aid your problems.

Crystal spheres help in reminding that everyone is connected to a larger whole. Since it is shaped like the world, it brings the feeling of having the world in your hands. The Zen vibes of spherical crystals make them an excellent meditation companion.
Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are small polished pellet-like variants of bigger gemstones. They are travel friendly, and practical to keep with you at all times. They can be easily found in online stores and crystal boutiques.

Does this one need explaining? Crystals are cut and polished into this shape, and they do exactly what they’re marketed as. They radiate affectionate energy that helps people attract better companions in their life. When such shape is given to a stone that already has those properties, like Rose Quartz, these qualities multiply.

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