How Effective Are Crystal Wands?

Crystal wands are exactly what they sound like; wands made out of crystal gemstones. They are used by many healers around the world for their therapeutic properties.
Wands come in many shapes and sizes for many different purposes like rituals, incantations, etc. Other than their religious and spiritual significance, they also have practical everyday uses for healing and balancing chakras.
It’s very important to take in the time to figure out which wand feels the best for the particular individual. One quick and easy method to find this out is by holding a wand in your hand, and see the effect it has on your breathing.
If you feel relaxed, and your breathing slows down, it is the right wand for you. However, if you experience shortness of breath, maybe skip that wand. There is also the pendulum method, where you can close your eyes, and ask yourself “Is this the right crystal wand for me?”. If it is indeed the right wand, you’ll find yourself tilting forward, if not, you’ll tilt slightly backwards.
Crystal wands are highly useful when it comes to balancing out one’s energies. It’s perfect for those who are not familiar with energy work. The simplest use of a crystal wand for such people is activating the 7 chakras.
Spiralling the wand in a clockwise motion activates a chakra. The way one knows when a chakra is activated is when it starts feeling like it has completed. Or the pendulum method works here as well. Just ask the wand if the chakra activation is complete, and it will make you tilt one way or the other. For people who have a fair idea about energy work, tracing the wand on their body’s meridian line can work wonders.
Wands also provide major help for people practising reflexology. For example, the spinal zones on one’s hands can be massaged and straightened out in stressful situations. This requires tracing the wand against the skin on the thumb from tip to the base. This method is very helpful to keep the nervous system happy and healthy.
These and many other uses of the crystal wands of various gemstones are the reason why they are so liked by healers across the globe. Wands are just another option for people who collect gemstones for a variety of reasons. For aesthetic value, healing, or for therapeutic reasons. These wands are a good addition to any collection.

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