Feel yourself disconnected from the Earth?

Let us introduce you to grounding first. Grounding is a therapeutic technique or exercise that connects you to the Earth energetically. 

Common symptoms of grounding

  • You feel unfocused
  • You feel unmotivated, drained, lethargic
  • You are indecisive
  • You space out
  • Your sleep patterns are off or you are experiencing lack of sleep
  • You are overthinking

Crystals for grounding

Crystals can be used to assist in clearing blockages. This will help allow positive charges to flow from the Earth and into your root chakra, resulting in feeling more centered, balanced, and free from negativity. When you are grounded you are more authentically owning your own power. When choosing crystals for grounding yourself, trust your intuition, everyone has unique vibes with crystals. Each crystal will help balance or ground you in different ways.

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Can you ground yourself?

Grounding energy comes from the Earth. Like an electrical outlet, you want your body to plug itself into the Earth. This is called spiritual earthing. 

Any physical activities will help in your grounding goals, especially when you are bare-footed and connected directly to the Earth's surface. Running barefoot on the beach, ambling through the forest, walking in the grass and being with nature are all great ways to get Earthing.

How to visualize grounding for yourself?

  • While holding one (or more) of your grounding crystals, stand or sit with your bare feet on the ground. Or you may place the crystal(s) around your feet.
  • Close your eyes or soften your gaze.
  • Take a few deep breaths and draw your focus and awareness to your feet.
  • Notice how your feet feel. Are they warm or cool? Take note of the weight you push through your body onto your feet. Allow the feeling of the Earth beneath you to flood into your whole self.
  • Imagine that you have roots growing down from the soles of your feet. See your roots going deep into the Earth beneath you. Imagine yourself as a tree, growing into the Earth, becoming more full and vibrant.
  • When you feel comfortable with the depth of your roots, imagine now that your grounding crystal(s) are set deep down with your roots. Visualize your roots wrapping themselves around the crystal(s). This will secure you firmly to the Earth.
  • Draw up energy from the depths of the Earth and from the grounding crystal(s), through your firmly planted roots.


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