Here’s How to Use Spirit Quartz for Healing

Also known as Cactus Quartz, Barnacle Amethyst, or Fairy Quartz, the properties of this wonderful crystal are almost magical. Its composition contains other crystals like Amethyst, Citrine, and Smoky Quartz. It’s a naturally beautiful stone with unsurmountable healing powers.
For any gemstone collector, or people seeking healing powers from crystals, Spirit Quartz is one of the best options out there.
Spirit Quartz works with all chakras and administrates all planets; this is one of the reasons why it is considered to be a master healer. In the metaphysical realm, Spirit Quart is considered to be the crystal of harmony and alignment, making it perfect for people experiencing mental misbalance and fatigue.
It also works very well in combination with other stones. It takes all the energy of the main crystal, and amplifies all over, even in the tiny points.
Most people whose energy is clogged by the toxic people in their daily lives can benefit from using Spirit Quartz, as it protects and shields the aura. When paired with gold, Spirit Quartz acts as an emotional detoxifier, to help mend fences and heal broken hearts.
As the name probably suggests, the most important property of this crystal is to heal and nourish the soul. It helps, not just an individual, but also a collection of people, to bring them to harmony and help them align their energies.
This is best for families and workgroups. It helps build deep connections and instill a sense of togetherness in groups. It reduces feelings of resentment and jealousy by extracting negative energies and emotions. A very obvious usage of the Spirit Quartz is to get a sense of connectivity to the spirit realm.
It gives the user a deeper state of awareness and clarity and connects the user to the bigger perspective of the universe. Speaking of the universe, the Spirit Quartz crystal is known to induce a universal love by balancing the male and female energies of the person.
In conclusion, Spirit Quartz is considered a master healer on both physical and spiritual levels. The energy of this crystal promotes self-love, forgiveness, increases productivity, libido, and mindfulness.

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