Here’s a Look at Some Lucky Gemstones for Virgos

The healing power of crystals is amplified when the right person uses the right stone, and the easiest way to pair up with a gemstone is to go by your zodiac sign. If you’re a Virgo, you’re ruled by mercury.
This means your approach towards life is methodical and very self-analytical. Your belief in the perfect world, helps you see the best in people and situations. You pursue your problems and tasks with the utmost sincerity and make sure you do your job perfectly.
You care very little about how others perceive you, and you don’t have to put a lot of effort in trying to impress people.
Given the fact that a Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, sapphires are best suited for them. A sapphire will bring out the best qualities of a Virgo out. They help improve the intelligence and wisdom of a Virgo and enhance the power of their inner heart.
Yogis and healers across the world have been harvesting the positive energies of sapphires for centuries. It is used as an object of meditation by sages. Now let’s look at gender-specific suitable gemstones for Virgos.
For Men: Virgo men also benefit largely from the positive vibes of sapphires. But there are other gemstones present which can be equally or even more beneficial than sapphires for Virgo men.
These include Carnelian, Agate, Sardonyx, Peridot, and Zircon. Out of all the blue stones, Sapphires have the most positive vibrations. Male Virgo energies are easy to temper when combined with one of these stones.
For Women: The blue sister of Ruby, Sapphire, is also a perfect fit for Virgo women. Sapphire just happens to be the stone for this zodiac sign. However, the effects of this stone can be complemented with Sardonyx, Moss, Jade, Jasper, Agate, and Peridot, to enhance its effect on Virgo women.
Because of its association with cosmic energies, Sapphires hold a lot of significance in mythology for women.
In conclusion, regardless of gender, sapphires are the master crystal to simulate growth, happiness, and positive vibes in a Virgo’s life, and these energies, in combination with other stones can be enhanced to greater levels.

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