Here are the Stones You’ll Need to Connect With your Inner-self

Mindfulness is in short supply these days, and meditation is one way to reach within you and feel rejuvenated. Meditating is an ancient method of purchasing some peace from a secluded quiet surrounding.
Sometimes, 10 minutes of meditating can be the difference between a good or a bad business meeting. This exercise of mindfulness can be amplified significantly with the help of the right crystals.
Crystal healing and meditation go hand-in-hand since they’re both appetizers for the soul. Crystals vibrate energy, and when we’re in a deep state of trance, that energy can help in a very convincing fashion.
When we’re in a deep state of calmness, yet focus, meditation crystals can help us resonate with the peaceful aura and access the stone’s healing properties. Meditating is, as a matter of fact, a better more efficient way to access the powers of any stone.
A common reason to use crystals and meditation in tandem is to boost intention and raise consciousness. While picking a stone to boost intent, pairing it up with clear quartz will do wonders, while meditating with generally blue, purple or white crystals helps one focus on raising consciousness.
A good meditation stone is Amethyst Geode, which has a good combination of healing properties, suitable for most people using stones for meditation, regardless of intention or goals.
Here’s a list of 10 best meditation crystals for you to try today!

Clear Quartz
Chevron Amethyst
Rutilated Quartz
Black tourmaline
Red Tiger’s Eye

    A common question about meditating with crystals is where to keep the crystals while you meditate. It is proven to be most effective to hold the crystal you choose to meditate with, in your left hand. The left hand is said to be the receiving hand, making it ideal to ‘receive’ the healing energy of the crystals.
    For people who are seeking physical healing from crystals, can try laying the stones around their bodies, while they are laid down on their backs. A common way to align your chakras is by placing the right stone over the right chakra, as you lay down meditating.

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