Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Healing Properties of Rose Quartz
Love is an emotion that holds a relationship together. If you spread the love around you, it will not only make others adore you but will also increase the level of positivity around you, thereby creating a better world.
Rose quartz is one of the most popular stone when it comes to love. This pink crystal has soothing and compassionate vibes that remove the negativity from the atmosphere around you and fill it with love, compassion and romance.
This is a stone that is used for every type of love, be it self-love, family, platonic, romantic or unconditional. This crystal possesses so much vibrant positive energy inside it that it can heal darkest of the auras and make one feel pleasant, loving and caring all over again.
The lovely rosy or dusky pink appearance of this stone is enough to make you fall in love with it. The soothing energies of this crystal resonate with the Heart chakra which why it is of extreme importance in the crystal world.
The powerful vibrations of this stone resonate to the whole body and heal all the chakras, especially the Heart chakra. Ancient Egyptians have been using the rose quartz to fight ageing skin.
The rose quartz helps to cool your skin which results in the prevention of redness of the skin and inflammation. Rose quartz stimulates the proper functioning of the heart and circulatory system. It aids in relieving tension and stress and stabilizes the irregular rhythm of your heart.
The energy of this crystal can bestow a peaceful and calming sensation which helps to heal the heart and dissolves anger and resentment. You can even use this crystal during meditation to help attain peace and tranquillity and improve your focus.
This is a must-have stone for everyone because it allows you to open your heart and accept love from the surroundings.

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