Healing Crystals Will Save Your Life during Finals Week

Healing Crystals Will Save Your Life during Finals Week

The time of exams is one of the most stressful times in the life of a student. It is during these final exams that your efforts taken over the last few months are going to bear fruit. Tension and anxiety start to build up inside you and you tend to get worried about the result. You find it difficult to concentrate while studying as your mind gets cluttered with unnecessary thoughts.  Even while writing your exam paper, it often happens that you are not able to remember the things which you were fluent with just minutes before the exam. This mainly happens because of a lack of confidence and the excessive stress that builds up in your mind. What you need during these times is hope and positivity which is offered by crystals. These stones are blessed with properties that allow you to let go of all the negative thoughts and tension during your exams. These crystals help to offer clarity to your mind and help you get rid of all the unnecessary thoughts that have gathered in your mind. These crystals support the efforts that you have taken and help you to successfully crack the exams. You can keep these crystals around you while studying so that they can interact with your aura and help you succeed. A few of these crystals are mentioned below:

1. Clear quartz: One of the most important things that you require while studying is a clear and stable mind. Clear quartz is a stone that has been used for ages to offer clarity and focus to your stressed mind. Having clear quartz around you while studying not only helps you to focus but also helps you to remember everything during exams. You can even wear this crystal around your neck or carry it in your pocket.

2. Fluorite: This crystal is associated with motivation and that is exactly what you need during your final week of exams. You tend to crumble under pressure and lose all the confidence in yourself. Fluorite helps to bring that self-confidence and motivates your mind and removes all the negative thoughts from it. Fluorite is also used as a stress-buster during the finals and helps you to meet your deadlines with ease.

3. Tiger’s Eye: This is a good choice for study and research. Tiger’s eye greatly improves your concentration whenever there is a lot of syllabus to study or when you need to cover an important topic in less time. This stone helps you to filter out the mental distractions that are deviating your focus to somewhere else. This stone has a calming effect on your mind which eases out the tension during the finals.

4. Sodalite: This stone clear your mind and brings insight and understanding to you. This calming stone is appropriate for students who are terrified of a particular subject. This stone helps such students to get rid of all the negative and unproductive thoughts from their mind and concentrate only on studying thoroughly before any exam. Sodalite has powers that help you to recall the difficult answers with ease.

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