Healing Crystals To Help You With Animal Communication

Healing Crystals To Help You With Animal Communication

Animal kingdom is everywhere around you.
Right from the pet at your home to the bird which has made its nest on the tree outside your house, animals are an integral part of human lives.
If you wish to have a balanced relationship with the animal kingdom, you need to know how to communicate with them.
Now, this type of communication does not have to be a direct communication like you do with other humans.
It is enough even if you understand their feelings and what they want in general.
There are crystals that are able to facilitate communication between humans and animals.
These crystals work in mysterious ways and enable a person to understand the feelings of animals.

Following is a list of such crystals:



This is a nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress.
Mookaite brings peace and wholeness to your mind which helps you to understand the animal kingdom around you and makes you respect their needs.
This stone helps you in the decision making, especially when you are having a difficult time.
This stone encourages versatility and helps you to accept change.


red jasper

This is a wonderful stone to use when communicating with those in the plant and animal kingdom.
This stone helps you to feel more stable and grounded.
Primarily a Root chakra stone, jasper also benefits other chakras and brings about a balanced state of mind which facilitates smooth communication.
Jasper is considered to be a balancing, harmonizing, cleansing and energizing stone.



This is a powerful stone for communication and connection to the angelic realm, totem animals and spirit animals.
This stone offers support and strength and teaches acceptance of all life has brought.
This stone boosts your telepathy and visualization and clears distractions from your mind which helps you to understand the messages from the animal kingdom.



It is always good to keep a piece of quartz with you if you wish to communicate with the animal kingdom.

Quartz crystal amplifies the energies of the crystals you are using and enhances your communication.

This stone absorbs, stores and unblocks energy and works on all levels of being.
Quartz aids in concentration and boosts memory cells that help you to communicate easily.


dalmatian crystal

This is another stone that proves to be very good when it comes to communicating with the animal kingdom.
This stone has powers that strengthen the bond between humans and animals and make them understand each other’s feelings and desires.
Dalmation brings courage and new ideas through wisdom.
This stone is also good for aura cleansing and clearing.

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