Healing Crystals Guide For How To Use In Every Season

Healing Crystals Guide For How To Use In Every Season

Every season has its own unique characteristics and is enjoyed by people in their own way. Changing seasons bring about a visible change in our day to day lifestyle as well. Though it is easy for some people to cope with these changes, there are a few who face difficulties while dealing with them. These changes tend to affect the mood and energy levels inside these people and they start feeling depressed and low. Fortunately, there are crystals that can help them to tackle these seasonal changes with ease. This collection of crystals promotes a smooth transition between winter, spring, summer, and fall. Let’s get into the details of these crystals:

1. Selenite: This is a calming stone that instills peace in your mind and helps to reduce the stress that has clouded in your mind. Selenite is known to help in getting judgment and insight which allows you to prepare for the upcoming seasonal change. This crystal clears confusion and helps to see the bigger picture. Selenite is also known to assist in getting good sleep and helps to balance the energy inside your home. You will feel recharged once you come home and get in the vicinity of this beautiful crystal.

2. Amethyst: The feeling of stress and negativity that surfaces when season changes can be removed with the help of amethyst. This stone is the ultimate healer and instills a sense of positivity inside you which lifts up your mood and you start feeling lively again. Amethyst will help you to relax during the seasonal transition and will remind you to find inspiration from your surroundings. This stone is especially useful in winter because it will help to keep you composed and save your energy.

3. Carnelian: This stone is said to be filled with the bright and vibrant energy of the sun that reminds you of the spring season. The beautiful changes in the environment that accompany this season must also infuse you with creativity and new ideas, which is where the carnelian comes into the picture. This stone ignites your senses and makes you work with full potential. Carnelian also helps to bear fruit to your efforts and brings in abundance and good fortune into your life.

4. Ruby: Summer season can be taxing for a lot of individuals as the scorching heat drains all the energy inside you and makes you feel exhausted very early during the day. Ruby is a stone that is filled with a fiery energy that lights a spark inside you and you start feeling more enthusiastic and creative. It also brings a feeling of self-confidence inside the wearer and removes every bit of fear and depression from his mind.

5. Kyanite: This stone works best during the autumn season and helps you to get rid of all the toxic vibes that have affected your aura. Kyanite aligns all the chakras and provides a balance of ying-yang energy. Since the autumn season is all about relaxing, this crystal helps to develop that calm attitude and helps to feel at ease. Kyanite helps in inner healing and gets you physically and mentally ready for the winter season.

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