Healing Crystals for Tooth and Gum Problems

Healing Crystals for Tooth and Gum Problems

Crystals. This word has got totally different popularity in today’s world. A few years back, diamond and ruby were the only crystals that people knew, but that is not the case today. People have become increasingly aware of the powers these crystals possess and the wide variety they are available in. The applications of the healing power of these crystals have also been increased. Nowadays, the crystals are not just limited to relieving stress, anxiety or depression but are also used in treating other physical issues like headaches, hair fall, sensitive skin, blood pressure, arthritis, etc. Tooth and gum problems are also among the areas where crystal healing can be applied on an effective scale. Since our teeth and gums are used on a daily basis, it is necessary to keep them well-maintained and healthy. There are a few crystals which assist in treating the problems related to teeth and gums. These crystals are given below:

1. Citrine: This is one of the best crystals to treat dental issues. The pain that you experience in your gums and teeth might also be the result of toxins that have accumulated in your throat chakra. Citrine works with your throat chakra along with amazonite and flushes out all the toxins from that chakra, thereby relieving the pain. If you drink a glass of water infused with citrine, then it will prevent tooth decay or pain in the future.

2. Aquamarine: This soothing stone is used to get relief from severe toothache. An ideal stone for dental problems, the aquamarine helps to offer quick relief from many teeth related issues. This healing stone can be infused with water to use as a mouthwash. Doing so will flush out all the toxins in your mouth and prevent the occurrence of tooth problems.

3. Fluorite: Possibly the best crystal in treating your dental ailments, fluorite works like a charm when it comes to healing. It is used to keep your teeth strong and healthy. It is recommended that you infuse your medicinal mouthwash with fluorite to have best results. You can even use fluorite infused water to rinse your mouth every morning to strengthen your teeth and keep them healthy.

4. Amazonite: This crystal is a must-have in your arsenal for treating dental problems. The healing powers of this crystal helps in treating problems in kids as well as adults. This crystal is often used with other crystals to amplify the healing powers. It is recommended that you rinse your mouth daily with amazonite infused water or mouthwash to prevent tooth infections.

Make sure that you choose the best healing crystals for treating your dental issues. Since the crystals mentioned above serve a different purpose altogether, it is important to correctly identify your problem and then treat it accordingly.

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