Healing Crystals for New Mom

Healing Crystals for New Mom

Being a mother is not an easy task for a woman. It represents a major change in her life to which she is not used to before. The presence of a newborn makes things even more complicated because many women are unaware of how to raise a child and they are often scared and worry about whether they will be able to become a good mother or not. Every new mom needs support during this stressful period and thankfully, there are crystals which have been used for centuries to pamper a woman when she has just given birth. These crystals help to absorb all the negativity and sadness from a woman’s mind and encourage her to welcome her newborn with a smiling face and stress-free mind. These crystals instill confidence and optimism in the woman and prepare her for the challenging role of a mother. Following is a list of few such crystals:

1. Moonstone: This stone has utmost importance in the field of healing because it is filled with the feminine energy of the moon that proves to be very calming and soothing for new mother. This stone is also known as the “goddess stone” and the stone of fertility. Moonstone is a natural hormone regulator and hence is a must-have for all women. This crystal also supports a healthy lactation and helps a woman to return to normalcy after giving birth.

2. Rose quartz: Known as the stone of universal love, rose quartz needs no separate introduction. Whenever someone is need of love, rose quartz is there to the rescue. This stone is best suited for motherhood because it can ease the stress on the mother’s mind and inculcate a feeling of acceptance inside her. Rose quartz also helps to enhance the mother-child bond, thereby leading to a flow of loving energy between the two. It also acts as a protective stone and keeps the mother and her child safe from any outside influences.

3. Hematite: This crystal is considered to be the best for new moms because it helps to keep them grounded in new situations. This crystal absorbs negative energy and calms you in times of stress and worry. Hematite is a very protective stone as well and works with your root chakra to keep you stable and peaceful. This stone is very good for enhancing the focus of a new mother so that she can concentrate on her baby rather than worrying about the challenges of motherhood.

4. Lapis lazuli: This stone has been used since ancient times to help a woman during and after childbirth. Being a mother can put a lot of stress on a woman’s mind and body. Lapis lazuli helps to reduce this stress and absorbs all the toxicity from the mother which is holding her back. The peaceful and harmonious energies of this crystal help to maintain an emotional and physical equilibrium inside the new mother.

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