Healing Crystals for Jewelry Making

Ornaments and jewellery have been a part of fashion statements since recorded history exists. These days, anything can b turned into attractive jewellery with the right skills. Usually, these cheap pieces of easily available jewellery have glass beads that are polished to look like crystals.
But the real thing, however, has more benefits than one count. To start, the authenticity of real crystals is unmatched. Even an untrained eye can tell at once glance when a real gemstone is present on a necklace or bracelet.
In this blog today, we’ll share with you some beginner’s tips on how to make jewellery with real gemstones.
Choose large gemstones: If you’re just starting as a jewellery maker, you need to start working with bigger gemstones. A novice jewellery maker will not have the same dexterity in his fingers as an experienced worker who will be more adept at shaping smaller stones.

Using cabochons or rose-cut stones: Cabochons are gemstones that are shaped and polished to be made into jewellery. They have a flat bottom which can be easily glued onto any ornament.

Select harder stones that rate higher on the Mohs hardness scale: This is just a precautionary step for beginners while they are still learning their craft. Harder stones just won’t chip and break under novice mistakes.

Choose gemstones that contrast well with the material of the jewellery: It’s important for the aesthetics of your piece that the stone you select blends well with the rest of the ornament. The alloy you use, the beadwork, everything has to be in-sync with the gemstone you pick. It is best to design your piece around the gemstone you select, making it the centrepiece.
Avoiding dyed and coated gemstones: The many processes of making jewellery involve using various cleaning chemicals, glues, solvents, etc. If you’re using a dyed or coated gemstone, it will suffer the consequences of these liquids.

Choosing a reasonably priced gemstone: When you’re just starting, it is important to work with real stone, so that you have a measure of what it’s like to work with actual stones, but also make sure to pick one that isn’t phenomenally expensive.

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