Healing Crystals for Acceptance and Emotional Healing

Healing Crystals for Acceptance and Emotional Healing

Maintaining a healthy state of mind is something which is very important for people. A healthy mind is a sign of a happy and content life. On the other hand, depressed mind shows that you have been hurt emotionally in one way or other. The best way to speed up the process of recovery from emotional trauma is acceptance. If you accept what has happened and move on in your life instead of blaming others, you are bound to be back to your normal state of mind again. Crystals are an excellent medium that can help you to find acceptance and move forward in life.  Crystals are the best way to attain emotional healing and balance. These stones repair the damage that has been done due to the emotional trauma and help to release your cluttered emotions that are emotionally suffocating you from the inside. Following is a list of crystals that are best suitable for emotional healing and acceptance:

1.) Bloodstone: If your life has been going through a series of unfortunate events, then bloodstone is the crystal you need to resort to. This is an intense healing stone that is used to cleanse and realign the lower chakras with the heart. Bloodstone is an emotional balancer and works best when you are suffering from emotional trauma and stress. It restores and rebuilds the mind and body and returns your spirit to your natural state of joy.

2.) Carnelian: This crystal is best known for its psychological protection. The powerful vibrations of this stone help to reduce the tension and stress inside an individual. Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that restores vitality and motivation and even stimulates creativity. If you have ever been abused by someone or have faced a tough relationship, the carnelian is there to help you. It dispels apathy and motivates you by boosting your courage and enthusiasm.

3.) Moonstone: This is one of the most soothing stones out there. Moonstone is filled with the feminine energy of the moon and tends to make you more accepting towards life. With the Yin energy of this stone, people can control their aggression and forgive those who have caused emotional trauma. Moonstone brings peace and balance to your energy field and helps you to get rid of any negative thoughts that are harboring inside you. This is a stone for the “new beginnings” as it enhances your inner growth and strength and stabilizes your emotions by inducing calmness.

4.) Agate: Agate is one of the oldest healing stones on earth that is used as a protective stone. This is an ideal stone to overcome any kind of emotional trauma. Agate cleanses and stabilizes your aura by eliminating negativity from your mind. Agate is also known to enhance your mental function by improving your concentration and analytical abilities. If you feel angry about yourself or any other person in your life, then agate will help you to overcome that feeling of anger and will assist you in keeping your mind calm and peaceful.

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