Healing Crystals Every Gemini Needs To Have

Healing Crystals Every Gemini Needs To Have

Every zodiac sign has its own set of advantages and disadvantages which define that particular sign. These are the qualities which are common to all the individuals falling under that zodiac. Gemini is a zodiac sign which represents people who are born between May 21st and June 21st. These people are quick-witted, playful and curious about the things around them. The presence of a Gemini brings a spark to any social gathering. Gemini people are very carefree and are ready to go where life takes them. They are often dreaming about their goals and tend to engross themselves in those thoughts for a long time. But the most important and dangerous aspect of a Gemini individual is his duality. These people have to alter egos and depending on how the situation turns out, Gemini people let loose one of their alter egos. This split personality of a Gemini might prove harmful for their success. Following is a list of stones which have properties that are beneficial for Gemini people:

1. Agate: This is a very beneficial stone for the Gemini people because it offers clarity to their thoughts. Since Gemini people are well known for day-dreaming, agate would work very well for them as it will help to keep them grounded and offers stability as well as balance to their mind. The airy sun sign like Gemini could benefit from Blue Lace Agate which would help them to express their thoughts more calmly and gently.

2. Chrysocolla: The dual nature of the Gemini might prove to be harmful to someone. Often these people tend to act like a split personality and hence it becomes difficult to maintain a balance between these two sides. Chrysocolla is a stone which helps to calm this duality and turns the negative energy of a Gemini into positive energy. It also encourages self-expression and gives the ability to know when to speak.

3. Howlite: This stone is known to encourage emotional expression and brings about a soothing vibe to the Gemini. This stone is best to eliminate any selfish tendencies that may arise inside a Gemini. Howlite is a stone which brings awareness and meaning to the thoughts of such people.

4. Aquamarine: This stone is known for helping Gemini people overcome their fears which are holding them back in life. The adventurous spirit of the Gemini gets a boost with Aquamarine, which is a heart chakra stone. Gemini people are best known for being dreamy and aquamarine is a stone which provides the necessary courage and confidence required to bring those dreams into reality.

5. Tiger’s Eye: This is a very powerful stone for the Gemini people because tiger’s eye is a stone of positivity and determination. Tiger’s eye also acts as a balancing stone for Gemini by effectively managing the duality inside their mind. This stone helps them to get rid of their stubbornness and also boosts mental strength.

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