Healing Crystals at Home Is the New Feng Shui

Healing Crystals at Home Is the New Feng Shui

In today’s world where everyone is competing against the other, factors like stress, exhaustion, workload, depression, etc are on the rise. Even if people come home, they carry the outside burden along with them and often pollute the vibes inside the house. Feng Shui is something that encourages you to live a happier life, which is the most important thing that we can have in this world. Feng Shui is often implemented to create happy vibes in your house or office area. But what happens if Feng Shui is done using crystals? The answer is – you gain tranquility and prosperity in your life. The different ways in which you can efficiently make use of the crystals to bless your beloved home are given below:

1.) Placing black tourmaline near the front door: This is a protective stone and is mainly used in absorbing negative energies that try to come near you. By placing the black tourmaline at your front door, you can make sure that all such negative or unwanted energies will stay out of your home. This can also help in cleansing and purifying your place by filling it with positive vibrations.

2.) Placing amethyst in your office or living room: Amethyst is a powerful stone that has the ability to balance your chakras and provide you with a piece of mind. This stone taps into your spirituality and promotes growth and serenity. The ideal place for keeping these stones can be your office area where purifying energy is necessary for productive work. Amethyst also influences your dreams and hence can be even kept in your bedroom for having beautiful dreams at night.

3.) Placing citrine in your wealth area: Citrine has properties that promote abundance and bring about the expansion of wealth and power. It also aids in promoting self-worth and clarity, which is the main necessity in difficult situations. Citrine is also said to keep to the person generous and grounded. Thus you can place a citrine in your wallet, purse or at other places in your home or office where you keep your wealth.

4.) Placing rose quartz in your bedroom: This crystal is all about love, compassion and nurturing relationships. Rose quartz helps in healing your heart by promoting self-love and encouraging romance in your life. If placed next to your bed, rose quartz can help to develop a strong and passionate love life. However, the abilities of the rose quartz are not just limited to promoting romance. This crystal also specializes in keeping a check on your anxious mind and helps you steer clear of depression.

It is very important to cleanse your crystal before placing it in your house. This is done to reset the vibrations of the crystal and make it receptive for your new home. Before using them, you should learn more about the Feng Shui properties of the crystals so that you can get a clear understanding of the placement of these crystals in your house. In the end, its these crystals that are going to benefit you and your family by purifying your house.

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