Healing Benefits and Superstitions Surrounding Opal

Healing Benefits and Superstitions Surrounding Opal
Opal is a gemstone that curbs the stress and depression in your mind and offers you a sense of calm security. This stone encourages you to stop brooding in order to better direct your thoughts and energies.
Called as the “stone of protection”, opal is an excellent stone for absorbing people's negative thoughts & energies. Opal centers the mind & is a stone that is particularly soothing for children who have to deal with nightmares.
There are a lot of colour variations in opal, with each of them having its own different healing properties. For example, white opals have been used as a gazing tool to look inward, like a spiritual mirror, promoting introspection.
Fire opals can be used to stimulate change or manifest your ideas. This gemstone can spark imagination, awakens your intuition & enhances clairvoyance. They have also been associated with improving circulation.
Common types of opal include fire opal, Andean Opal, Black Opal, Blue Opal, Brown Opal, Cherry Opal, Golden Opal, Pink Opal, Honduran Opal, Red Opal, White Opal, Water Opal, & Green Opal.
There are many superstitions surrounding this gemstone. There are people who believe that if you lose your stone, then bad luck will follow. There are also people who believe that opals are unlucky in general.
There are a few things which gemstone sellers should warn buyers about the fragility of this stone. If someone wears this stone while gardening or while doing some work with the earth, that might damage the polish on their opal rings.
There are some types of opal that can damage under the influence of extreme heat or cold. This stone is believed to have the energy of the sun and the moon. It is also considered to be one of the seven sacred stones of the Cherokee people.
The opal instills your life with energy & makes you charge up to tackle the daily situations in life. In short, opal is truly a cheerful addition to your life.

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