Have crystals become the new blood diamonds?

Have crystals become the new blood diamonds

Crystals have seen a huge spike in sales in recent years. The healing properties of the crystals have been accepted by millions of people all over the globe. Many cherish these stones as they bring about a positive change in their lives and help to balance the chakras inside the body. The widespread usage of crystals for healing can also be credited to Hollywood celebrities who use these crystals regularly. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence encourage other people to embrace these crystals for a better life. Kim Kardashian became interested in crystal healing after she was robbed in Paris in 2016, Adele carries crystals with her during her performance to avoid getting panicked and Miranda Kerr surrounds herself with crystals to attract good vibes. Whether used for healing, to realign chakras or to get rid of negativity, healing crystals are the latest trend in the market. But like all good things have a dark side, crystal mining has serious effects on the environment, just like any other gem.

Crystals are mined using similar methods that are used for mining gold, coal, copper, etc and these methods cause a lot of pollution in the environment and severely affect the local ecosystem. These mining industries cause soil erosion, deforestation, groundwater contamination, and air pollution. Another dark side of this industry is that child labor and unethical working practices are carried out in such industries. It is generally assumed that crystal sellers are good people and positive vibes from those crystals would make them inculcate ethical production processes, but this is not true in many cases. Many crystal sellers cannot produce any sourcing information and on top of that, they sell the cheap quality of crystals. According to research done on mining practices carried out by famous crystal suppliers, the majority of those mines do not use eco-friendly techniques for mining the precious crystals. The healing crystals that are mined in large quantities result in the release of millions of gallons of acid and heavy metals into the water every year. When the sellers of these crystals are asked about these practices, they prefer not to comment on it.

Such cases tend to taint the image of healing crystals. Fortunately, there are a few sellers out there who practice ethical mining and can be trusted to a great extent. These sellers offer sourcing information to their customers, however, one must understand that there are a few ways by which the origin of crystals can be known. This includes buying crystals from a company that undertakes in-depth research on geology and mineralogy and the mining practices in the region. One can also ensure that the company from which they are buying the crystals conducts ethical mining practices.

It looks amazing that millions of people have become dependent on crystal powers, but such publicity of crystals has reached to an extent where they are being called as the new blood diamonds. Awareness about such topics should be created in the public so that unethical and inhuman mining practices can be stopped and crystals can be used without having any regret.

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