Harmony using crystals



If you’re here, this is a calling harmony stones are calling for you.  I had no peace in my mind or reality. That’s when a crystal taught me how to meditate. 

Are you ready to find that magical crystal perfect for your harmonious frequency?   

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Today we would be discussing about crystals well – known for harmony.


The queen of love and wellbeing, rose quartz is also the ruler of harmony.

Rose quartz helps soothe pain and make you feel supported. Having a rose quartz in your pocket keeps you out of troubles and panic incidents. Rose quartz harmony stone is ideal for those who are disturbed in mind because a problem is relations.

How to use Rose Quartz Harmony at your home?

  • Take your rose quartz crystal
  • Hold it in your hand an set your intention
  • Hold it over your heart
  • Close your eyes
  • Take deep breaths
  • You will feel the heat starting in your palm and moving to the chest


Like sage, a smoky quartz crystal absorbs the negativity around you.

 Believed to disperse confusions. Helps you find your destiny. An earth star chakra stone, smoky quartz emanates vibrations of grounding. It relaxes and stabilizes you.

Smoky quartz is also well - known to dissipate hatred and negativity.

How to Use Smoky Quartz for Harmony?

  • Take your smoky quartz crystal in your hand
  • Hold the crystal to set your intention
  • The meditation can start in a good silent place
  • You would start to feel the goodness of negativity being drawn out


Selenite has the divine light of creation inside it. Selenite crystals are famous for the purifying properties they have.

Selenite is a gemstone for pausing your life and evaluating it as a third person. It helps in opening your crown chakra powers. The selenite is excellent for purifying spaces with the help of fire.

 How to Use Selenite Stone for Harmony?

  • Take your selenite crystal
  • Place it in front of you
  • Light it up (if you can)
  • Now place it where you want to purify
  • Sit and meditate with the intention you set in your mind


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