Guide for Crystal Rituals for Ultimate Meditation

Crystals have powers of divination. This statement is not contested by anyone with any good experience with crystals in their lives. People collect various crystals to reap benefits from them.

They keep them close, grace their productive spaces with them, wear them in ornaments, etc. But sometimes, people can miss the point and feel like their crystals aren’t doing enough for them.

This can happen when they have unrealistic expectations from their crystals, and after not being as impressed, they are disappointed by it. On the flip side, it could be people whose peers have benefited from the same kind of crystals, but they can’t seem to make it work for them.

Anyway, when nothing else works, you can always channel some divinity out of your stones through crystal rituals. Interacting with your crystals is the best when you can create traditions around them.

This also raises mindfulness regarding your crystals and allows you to feel their effects fully. Here are some types of rituals and how to conduct them.

Altar: An Altar acts as a physical form for channeling tour desires and intentions through. To get started with an Altar, choose a suitable place, like a shelf or a tabletop, and then purify it by smudging it with burnt dried herbs or wood. Smoke is a good way to cleanse the energy of this space. After this, choose your intention, pick your crystal and intuitively arrange it with other sacred items.

Bath: Many people infuse crystal energy into their bath water by dropping the stones in their bathtub (obviously water safe stones). To get started with a crystal-infused bath, it’s all about setting the scene. Preparing the area means, dimming the lights and replacing them with candles and incense, using essential oils on the forehead, and then add the crystals that align with your intentions. Amethyst and Rose Quartz are the best for this ritual.

Grid: Perhaps the most famous way to perform a crystal ritual, where you combine the powers of various crystals that align with a set of your intentions, and boost each other, and help you achieve the maximum out of all of them. Much like an Altar, you must clear the energy of the space you intend to place your grid over with incense and burnt herbs. Use your intention to decide what form of ancient geometry you’re going to go for, and let your instinct guide you into making the grid.

Sleep: This is perhaps the easiest to understand. This method involves letting a crystal into your intimate headspace right before you sleep. This ritual is easy to understand and easier to perform. Crystals for sleep aid work best under your pillow or on your nightstand.

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