Grow Better In Life With The Power Of Crystals

Grow Better In Life With The Power Of Crystals

Crystal therapy is the art of healing with stones and crystals. In particular, this alternative medicine aims to harmonize and maintain physical, mental and spiritual well-being through the use of precious stones and crystals. The latter, in fact, according to this natural medicine, would be able to emanate purifying energies, absorbable by the human body. 

According to the principles of crystal therapy, stones, and crystals, with natural energy, placed in an environment they transform negative energy into positive, circulating constant beneficial vibrations. In this way they can take care of the house, protecting the environment in which they live and thus helping people to overcome their daily difficulties.

But how can crystals give us their positive energy? Man absorbs energy from crystals through the subtle and etheric body, so through the Aura and the centers of strength (Chakra), he assimilates the harmonic vibration of the crystals, thus stimulating the natural energy and psychophysical balance.

The Aura

It is the energy we emanate and absorb. Some see it and it appears as a kind of halo of various colours, a series of irregular coloured shells that envelop us and say many things about us. The energy field can be limited, reduced, or well expanded and radiant depending on our physical and mental conditions. The "shells" that make up the aura - called subtle bodies or simply auras - are from three to more than ten, depending on traditions and religions.  When each aura is healthy, robust and "charged" with energy, the person is able to fully live his life; when instead one or more auras are not in optimal conditions, the person experiences difficulties in the organs and in the sectors of the psyche attributed to this aura. The aura tells about our energetic state that can also be read, in detail, through the chakras.

The Chakras

The aura is the energy field in which we are immersed and auras are energy flows. The chakras are energy vortices, "wheels" in Sanskrit, which absorb universal energy, feed auras and charge the nerve plexus onto which they are grafted. The main chakras are seven, arranged on the midline of the body, at the height of the spine and control and influence all the glands, functions and organs. When the chakra is harmonious, the energy flows correctly; in case of imbalance, the chakra can be characterized by excess or defect of activity.

Crystal functions

Each crystal has its energy and its main function. A crystal can attract us by its colour, its shape or simply it can be recommended for the particular function it performs. Let's see some of them:

  • Amber: it is a fossil resin with a colour that varies from yellow to dark orange; detoxifies, relieves pain, absorbs negativity and tension; carried around the neck resting in the chest area stimulates understanding and the joy of living.
  • Rose Quartz: stimulates the release of accumulated muscle tension due to stress and fatigue; Rose quartz is a sweet stone that cares for the heart and regenerates emotional deficiencies. Excellent stone to calm children, especially in their sleep.
  • Lapis lazuli: give clarity to dreams and helps in spiritual growth. Lapis Lazulis stimulate the thyroid, alleviate sore throats, rearrange thoughts giving calm and depth to meditation.

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