Good Vibes Only: A Guide to Healing Stones and Crystals

A Guide to Healing Stones and Crystals
Healing crystals are something that has been used for ages by different civilizations, all over the world. These crystals are said to have metaphysical healing properties that heal you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
There are a number of different types of crystals, each filled with their own healing abilities for the mind, body and soul. These crystals promote the flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits.
Historically, these crystals were believed to use in medicines. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the use of crystals. In spite of this, there are millions of crystal lovers across the world who believe in the energy of these crystals.
These people believe that such healing crystals change their lives for good and keep them healthy and happy. These crystals fill their hearts with positive vibes and keep their spirits high all the time. Following is a list of four such crystals:

Clear Quartz

This crystal is considered as a ‘master healer’. It amplifies any energy by absorbing, storing, releasing and regulating it. It also helps to improve concentration and memory.
It offers clarity to your mind and helps you to see a clear picture of things ahead.


This stone is the most revered stone in the crystal healing field. Amethyst has properties that transmute the negative thoughts in your body and convert them into positive ones.
This is an all-purpose stone that can be used to calm the mind and connect to the third-eye chakra which helps to deal with emotional imbalances and stress.


This stone is filled with the bright energy of the sun and is said to infuse the user with a positive and vibrant energy that brings happiness and enthusiasm.
Citrine also stimulates creativity inside a person and makes them think in an optimistic manner. It is also considered to be useful for abundance and wealth.


This is a stone that empowers your spirit and supports you through times of stress. It is claimed to protect you from and absorb negative vibes while promoting courage, quick thinking and confidence.
It also balances yin and yang and provides protection against negative energy.

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