Golden Alchemy and Sacred Geometry

Who doesn’t love to possess gold in this world? Gold is one of the most special and valuable minerals available in nature. Keeping the high value of this mineral aside, gold is sought after by many for its durability and usefulness in many applications. Gold is also a crystal and holds a feminine vibration that attracts vitality, confidence and creativity.
We have learned in our school that the symbol for gold is “Au” which is derived from the Latin word Aurum which means ‘morning glow’ or ‘shining dawn’. Gold may not look like a crystal, but all minerals are crystals.
One of the criteria for being a mineral is that its atoms must be arranged in an organized geometric pattern.
Gold holds the characteristic cubic form and energy at the microscopic level. Thus, if you are wearing gold, you are directly working with sacred geometric cube energy which is very protective and grounding.
Gold is found in trace amounts in the human body, with the most concentrated amount found in the heart. It is for this reason that gold has been used as a heart remedy since ancient times and scientists today are continuing to develop new gold heart remedies using gold nanotechnology.
Even though it is found in trace amounts, gold plays an important role in both the health and maintenance of joints and is a key element in transmitting electric signals throughout your body.
Gold belongs to the group of Noble metals along with silver, palladium and platinum. Gold nanocrystals take a sacred geometric form that is not man-made or influenced and this is the form they choose to take.
It is important to note that everything is made of vibrations of a certain frequency and that specific frequency produces shapes of geometry. Gold largely resonates with the Heart chakra but can also be used with our Throat chakra to help heal anger, fear and trauma through self-expression of emotions.
Thus, the importance of golden alchemy and sacred geometry has a strong connection with the human body.

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