Gifting crystals to someone what are our thoughts on this Ideology


We are humans! And of course we have our companies – our families, friends and associates. Every human has their own networks where they socialize, bond and live with. Seeing this, do you know or can you make a guess how many believe in powerful stones like crystal stones and their crystal bracelets.

Crystal bracelets can be worn as fashion jewellery, where people only interpret style and not know the actual healing it provides to the wearer.

One of my favourite things about crystals is that you don't have to understand how they don't even have to believe that they will work...all that you need to do is be around them and everyone benefits.

Gifting a crystal bracelet to someone is not a bad idea at all. Even if it is to people who don’t believe in them but do wear it for the sense of fashion without actually realising it is doing good to them.

If you have plans to gift something such as this to someone, then this article is just for you.

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What kind of healing do you want to gift?

It must be known that you must thoughtfully gift crystals if you do so to someone. Do your homework and research on what are the right crystal bracelets for the person you are gifting. It needs to be right as well as the correct stone that matches his or her traits/qualities.

If you are considering getting someone a crystal it is probably because you have an idea of how it could benefit them.

Considering a gift for your boss where you work? Check what would be best suited for him or her.

Seeing the way they function on a daily basis might give you a path to think as to what to gift.  Now, taking for instance, if your boss is always on the go and you want to give them a thoughtful crystal that would complement their fiery personality. Think of crystals like a Black Obsidian or Red Jasper.  If they seem overwhelmed you might consider a Chrysocolla or Selenite to relieve their stress and open their mind to other possibilities. 

 Who knows, they might have a physical ailment as well. You know about it and know what would benefit them by crystal healing. Then go ahead, review the Issues and Ailments Guide to find the best crystal that might help them reduce their symptoms. The appreciation and regard they would hold on behalf of your thoughtful gratitude is unimaginable. These little thoughts would really keep you in high regard in their books because crystal bracelets are a natural reliever to their small hidden problems.

Concluding Note…

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