Garnet: Uses, Benefits, and Everything Related!

Garnet is famous as the stone that people buy when they cannot afford rubies. But that can give this beautiful stone a bad rap. Garnet has magical powers of its own which should make it a strong contender to be in your necklace anyway.
It is compared to ruby because it has similar properties, and is a red shiny stone that illuminates in the dark. Just like the ruby, garnet carries within itself, the fires of passion, creativity, and joy. It amplifies the vitality, nourishment, and sensual energy by evoking the spirit element.
Mostly found garnet is fiery red, but it is also commonplace to find garnet in green, brown, yellow, purple, and even black. A very rare type of garnet is in the luck of very few fortunate people that changes colours depending on the lighting.
There is also a variety of the stone which is translucent, almost colourless. In ancient times, garnet was the stuff of legends. Worn by numerous warriors, it was believed that the crystal has the power to save one from fatal wounds.
Garnet is most commonly known to revitalize lost energy in people. So many people busy in mundane everyday lives, feel like their fires are burning out. Lack of motivation, sex drive, and interest in things that used to feel fun once, seems to be lost. If this sentence defines you, keeping a piece of fiery red garnet will do wonders for you!
The gemstone looks great as a jewellery piece, be it necklaces, rings, or bracelets. It just might be the positive change that you’re looking for in life. It is the birthstone of Aquarius and promotes success and compassion in its user.
Because of the energy inducing properties of garnet, it is believed to be the best stone to keep close for help in business. The energy and charisma one draws from this stone can make all the difference in an important meeting.
It re-directs harmful negative and chaotic energies into useful positive energy. It tends to find the right balance of energy to suit best for its user.
Garnet is a stone of wonders and infinite possibilities. If you’re someone who upon reading this blog could relate with some points, get yourself a piece of garnet!

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