Everybody sees crystals daily in the form of salt, sugar and gemstones. Crystals are prized for their beauty and valued for their utility. Some people believe crystals have spiritual and healing qualities, as well. Their orderly, repeating patterns are a marvel of nature and chemistry.

Crystals can form in many shapes, from simple cubic structures to hexagonal to double pyramids to tall spires, with up to 10 sides or more. Some are not symmetrical from one side to the other. The shape of the crystal structure is determined by its chemical components and its chemical bonds. Sometimes, the crystalline structure carries over into the liquid state and becomes a liquid crystal used often in current technology.

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For those who are would like to read and understand more about crystals, here are few facts about these natural stones of Mother Nature:

  • Crystals are composed of different minerals, which have crystallized deep in the earth’s crust for millions of years thanks to geological processes. The result is crystals made up of various minerals that have stored energy during crystallization
  • People exposed to the world of crystals experience them as a real and tangible aid to support life and to increase awareness
  • We can use the energetic frequencies of the crystals for endless needs – reinforcement of positive emotions – security, calmness, peace, self-fulfilment, decision making, self-communication and love
  • Some crystals, such as tourmaline or quartz, help for good and continuous sleep. They help reduce stress as they affect the waves transmitted in the brain in a state of sleep
  • Our physical body has an aura. Our chakras (our energy centers) connect to the energetic frequencies of the crystals according to their mineral properties
  • Crystals are used in quartz watches and serve as the mechanism that gives the watch accurate time
  • Most solids only form one type of crystal but there are some that can produce multiple crystals forms


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