Facial Massage - How to Massage with Rose Quartz Stones

Facial Massage - How to Massage with Rose Quartz Stones

One of the most beautiful and soothing crystals is the rose quartz. The loving energy of this stone is known to open your heart to let the free flow of emotions and discard any grudges that you have been holding all this time. Rose quartz teaches you how to love yourself first before you start loving and caring for others. It teaches you that acceptance is the key to success and without it, you can never let go of the negative thoughts that clutter your mind. This stone also helps to strengthen your relationship with other people in your life by enhancing the bond between two people. Rose quartz has many soothing properties that are beneficial for individuals in today’s world as they are often stressed and devoid of love. 

Recently, this crystal has also been used to massage the face to relieve mild headaches or stress. If you wish to massage your face using rose quartz, then you need to have two small pieces of rose quartz that are soft and free of sharp edges to avoid scratching your skin. In addition to this, these stones should be cool to the touch so as to have a soothing effect. You can even place these crystals in icy water to cool them even further before applying them on your face as cool crystals help you to relax even more during the massage. Then you need to have a small amount of oil which is required to moisturize your face before beginning the massage.

Put a few drops of oil on your face to lubricate it before the massage. Gently massage your face to spread the oil evenly on your cheeks and forehead. Applying treatment oil allows you to warm up the tissues and prepare them for the crystal massage. Oil also helps you to relax a bit and eases the tension on your facial nerves. Now take the rose quartz crystals in your hands and start massaging from your forehead. Start off by stretching the forehead gently with the help of the crystals and then slowly move down towards the eyebrows. What you need to do is gently move away after massaging a particular area for some time. After you are done with the eyebrows, move further down towards the cheeks, then the jawline and finally the base of the neck. This massage technique covers your entire face and helps to relax all the facial nerves. Once you are done with the massage, place the crystals aside and gently move your palms all over your face so that you enable your skin to absorb any remaining traces of the oil. Wash the crystals with water and keep them somewhere safe so that you can use them for the next massage.

This massage is very powerful as it instantly starts the relaxation process and helps to calm down your stress and ease your muscles so that you get an immersible experience. Another benefit of this massage is that it helps to drain away from the unnecessary fluids under your skin and promotes glowing and healthy skin. You can easily notice the difference in your face once you have completed the massage as your face looks more cheerful and fresh than before.

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