Pyramids are one of the gifts of nature to the human kind, they are said to have supernatural properties of ancient Egyptians. This pyramid power is so effective that it can preserve food, improves the health, and maintains the sharpness of items like razor, blades, knives and other sharp objects. It causes many dramatic effects which include sexual urges. Pyramids are one of the most beautifully crafted things by the almighty. They are distinct in size but are always similar in shape. Pyramids are magnificent, they always amaze mankind, and if seen from eagle view they seem like a Star. There is miraculous energy which attracts us towards these pyramids.


Eatables: Pyramid power is so effective that it can change the taste of the food preserved under it, the artificial flavor got extinct which results in enhancement of natural flavors in the food. The acid or harmful contents of food decreases to an extent.

Positive energies on humankind: The people who're surrounded by pyramids have comparatively positive vibes. That environment brings you peace. According to people who are living or working inside a pyramid feels positive reactions in their life, not just humans but it has been observed in the past that even animals react to the pyramid power and are highly attracted towards them. Under the pyramid energy even highly lethargic people become so energetic. Pyramids usually large in size are used for meditation and medicinal purposes.


The clean unpolluted air in and around the pyramids is the secret, the negative ions contained in the air (unpolluted) helps in reduction of stress, and improves health conditions which also help in speedy recoveries, these ions entered into the body and create a positive vibe.

Pyramids themselves have an ability to produce negative ions. They are highly reactive to metals like gold or copper.

There is a secret saying which turns a standard pyramid into a re-energizing element. Place a vertical black line in the middle of the base of the pyramid; it will change the base from a square to a star. This star will immediately spread positive energy into the environment.

The effects of its power are more felt than explained. It affects the living as well as the non-living creatures. This energy is most active in the middle point of the pyramid, which Is formed at the focal point of 1/3 rd of the height of the pyramid.

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