Everything you should know about crystal healing

Everything you should know about crystal healing

The power of healing that medicine is unable to do can be done by crystals and semi-precious stone. Crystal healing is the alternative of medicines. Different types of crystals such as opals, quartz and amethyst are used in the healing techniques. No science but only human results have proved this crystal healing technique as a success. There are specialists that help in this crystal healing process. They place the crystals on different parts of the body as per their calculations. This helps in proper circulation and healing. No science has proved the crystal healing process till now. The crystal healing technique is widely used across various cultures in the world.

• Concerned experts

The people who believe in spirituality strongly follow crystal healing technique. The success of crystal healing depends upon the person doing it. The individualism and the creativeness of the individual performing this technique is the main pillar of crystal healing.

Years of practice and the proper set of skills leads to the perfect treatment of crystal healing. The people practicing crystal healing strongly believes that the color, shape, and size of the stone strongly affects the crystal healing process.

The stones are placed on the body as per the chakras and energy grids after the proper selection of the stone.

Proper functioning is only done if the placement of the stone is done properly on the body otherwise it has no effect.

• Agenda of crystal healing

To increase strength

To have peace of mind

Build courage

Helps in being calm and composed

Reduces stress

Helps in curing various diseases

Building a positive mindset

Removing negativity

Increasing the patience level

Gaining emotional stability

Connecting towards spirituality

Inner harmony

Gaining control over things

Proper functioning of the mind


• Functioning

Holding crystals or placing them over your body will lead to the crystal healing process. This technique can only be done by a person skilled in the crystal healing process. If a non-practicing person attempts to perform this task then it will be a waste of time and one will get no benefit out of this.

The crystal used in the process should be pure and real. If a fake stone is used then it won't do any effect on the body.

As per the study conducted on the crystal healing process, it was proved that eight out of ten people were benefited by the crystal healing technique.

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