Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Clusters

Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Clusters

The crystal cluster grids synthesize the powerful vibrations of the stones and the energy of sacred geometry. Put simply, they are energy technology in action. Each cluster grid has a unique harmonic resonance and being inside it is equivalent to meeting the emotional matrix of the Universe that has become manifest. Being in the energy of a crystal cluster can be an exciting event, very invigorating and expansive, or a very quiet experience that leads to a point of calm and supreme union. It all depends on the intention of a single cluster.

Crystal cluster is effective tools because they exploit the energy of nature's manifestation. The combination of different crystals in a cluster has a much greater impact than the use of a single crystal. Regardless of whether you create a cluster with a single type of crystal or with two or more varieties, the synergistic interaction of the vibrations of the stones with the underlying force field, full of personal intention, becomes incredibly "full of power".

Although a cluster grid looks like a flat, one-dimensional shape, it actually creates a multidimensional energy network that expands into space where the cluster grid is placed. This field of forces amplifies the intention exponentially. A small triangular pattern, for example, purifies and energetically protects the whole house, while a simple spiral radiates energy in a vast area or attracts abundant prosperity towards its center.

 By building the cluster grid on a fabric or a background of a complementary colour, make it even more powerful.

When possible, use natural base materials such as wood, linen, cotton, slate or stone, because they will help anchor and concretize the energies of the cluster grid.

The purpose of the crystal cluster grid:

There are endless possibilities. The cluster grids can be large or small; they can be placed indoors, around your body or in the environment. Remember that the energy network extends far beyond their borders, so size is not a problem.

  • Cluster grids offer countless benefits. They generate abundance, protect space and neutralize toxic waste. They attract love or transmit forgiveness or healing. They can be set up for world peace or to heal a destroyed forest and counter the consequences of a natural disaster.
  • The cluster also stabilizes and purify the energies and are appreciated for their beneficial effects on the human energy field. They unblock and rebalance the chakras and aura, disperse discomfort and give well-being. They can be used for relaxation, emotion cleansing, support, deep healing or for more specific results, such as combating insomnia and migraine or the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. Cluster grids built for a specific purpose such as those listed can be left in place for long periods, provided that the crystals are regularly purified.

However, there are no categorical rules regarding the time in which to leave the cluster grids in position or on which cluster grid to choose. Trust yourself. Whatever shape you like is the right one for you, and whatever looks right to you will ensure the best result. If your intuition suggests it, do not hesitate to experiment and change the shape of the cluster grid to suit your needs.

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