Everything You Need to Know About Celestite

Celestite or Celestine is blue colored crystal gemstone which is philosophically associated with higher divine powers, mindfulness, and consciousness. It is a high vibrational stone that works wonders to calm the inner noise and help people focus on what’s important and what’s in front of them. It is the best ailment for someone who has trouble balancing their mental faculties. It’s a natural antidepressant.
The reason why Celestite is so popular amongst people seeking mindfulness is because, using Celestite during meditation brings a sense of infinite wisdom of the universe, and cosmic connection to the planet. Ornaments made from Celestite add a shade of sky blue to your wardrobe which creates a calm and soothing aesthetic aura around you with the obvious eye-catching visual appeal. For people that have trouble managing their anger, Celestite can be just the touch of soothing balm on those heated emotions.
As far as healing properties are concerned, for Celestite it begins at the first look of the stone. Its calming deep blue color instills a sense of natural relaxation in the user. Which is why many people keep a chunk of Celestite at their bedside. It provides a healthy larger perspective of life, which allows us to forget our everyday worries and just relax.
Healing properties of Celestite derived from its high vibrations stimulate the third eye, crown chakras, and throat to aid a total spiritual internal detox. People who find it hard to meditate in peace can use the properties of this tone to connect to the larger cosmic world around them.
For the star signs Libra and Gemini, Celestite can be especially beneficial. Libra’s strength is the heart chakra, coupled with Celestite can help them grasp a better understanding of their emotions. Similarly, a Gemini’s strength is their throat chakra, and with Celestite’s help, a Gemini can find self-acceptance. With better meditation practices, great communicators that Geminis naturally are can have better knowledge and light within to guide others, and Celestite provides that.
In conclusion, Celestite is magical. Its precedence over negative emotions is reason enough why anybody looking to expand their mental strengths should be close to a piece of Celestite in their life. Letting it positively reinforce one’s psychic and intuitive prowess just by sitting with it quietly for a while is something everyone should experience and see for themselves.

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