Ever worn crystal jewelry while bathing?

Ever worn crystal jewelry while bathing?
In the day to day life, one often gets subjected to mental as well as physical stress which brings them down physically as well as emotionally once they get home.
This leads to less interaction with the family and friends which hampers your relations with them. Moreover, feeling lethargic and mentally exhausted can also have a negative impact on your work life and can make you less productive.
Crystal bathing is the best way to get over this stress and exhaustion. With the help of this method, you can treat yourself to some self-care and tranquillity. This helps in recharging your energy levels and also assists in getting rid of all the negativity inside you.
To ensure a relaxing and an immersible experience from crystal bathing, all you need to do is to set the scene. Light a few candles around your bath-tub and switch off the lights to create the necessary ambience. Once this is done, you choose your favourite crystals for bathing. There are many crystals that can be used for crystal bathing and few of them are mentioned below:

Rose quartz

This is an ideal stone for having a crystal bath. The loving vibrations of this stone make you feel at peace and create a tranquil atmosphere around you. These crystals infuse you with the energy that helps to relieve all the stress and anxiety from your mind and calms your disturbing aura. These crystals also help to replenish your skin and make you feel fresh and active.


This stone helps to remove the blockage from your chakras, thereby ensuring a free flow of energy that is necessary to have a healthy and relaxed mind. It also acts as a protective stone and removes all the negativity from your body and injects it with positive and confident energy.



This stone is filled with the bright energy of the sun that revitalizes your mind and body. Carnelian is connected to the solar plexus chakra and provides you with abundant energy that energizes you from within and enhances your mood in every way. It also helps to bring clarity to your thoughts along with bringing out your creative side.
Before using these crystals, it is necessary that you know them in detail. Crystal bathing is one of the simplest and serene ways of working with the energy of the crystals. All you need to have is dedication and trust towards these stones.

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