Enhance Your Special Gifts With Amblygonite

This is a crystal that aids you if you are creative, to enhance your special gifts as it encourages you to allow your inner brilliance to flourish and prosper. This is a crystal which helps you to get over the traumatic experiences of your life and live a balanced life. This stone contains high amounts of natural lithium and hence assists in the release of stress and worry.
The meaning of the name Amblygonite comes from the Greek words for blunt and angle. This stone is found in countries like France, Sweden, Burma, Myanmar, Germany, Canada, Brazil and the USA. Its commonly found in yellow colour, although it has also been found in shades of pink, beige, grey, green and white.
This stone mainly resonates with the solar plexus chakra and its energy is conducive to enhancing creativity. It inspires creativity within the fields of music, dance, poetry and writing by its vibration of assisting you to be at peace.
This allows you to develop the inner clarity you need to allow your creativity to blossom. This stone is also known to have a number of excellent healing attributes related to this chakra.
In terms of physical healing, amblygonite is known to aid in reducing headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and stomach and digestive problems. You can also use this stone to assist in the healing of broken bones and speedily recover from bone disorders.
Amblygonite aligns the chakra system and creates a free flow of energy within your whole system. The spiritual vibration of this yellow crystal enhances your personal sense of self-worth and self-esteem and brings through calmness and relieves worry.
Using this crystal during meditation helps you to concentrate on your spiritual side by allowing you to get rid of the unproductive thoughts in your mind.
Wearing amblygonite in the form of jewellery helps you to keep it close to yourself so that you can benefit from its healing properties. You can even try combining this stone with other crystals to enhance its powers.

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