Enhance Your Communication With Healing Crystals

Enhance Your Communication With Healing Crystals

One cannot resist the charm of crystals and crystal therapy. It is an ancient methodology and is part of holistic medical treatments. It involves the use of stones that act on the balance of the energy field of the person who, when it comes into contact, immediately feels a sense of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We reveal the meaning of the stones to help you choose the most suitable for you and your needs.

  1. Aquamarine:

Linked to the 5 chakra it helps to express our thoughts clearly. It thus promotes harmony within the communication. it is perfect for all those who are undecided and those who never decide to take the first step. Aquamarine is a perfect stone when worn as a pendant. It also promotes good feelings and emotional relationships.

  1. Turquoise

Turquoise increases self-esteem and pushes the person wearing it to give their opinion even when it has not been specifically requested. It allows you to get involved and dare. However, turquoise keeps your feet on the ground. it is important to be able to recognize when to speak and when to be silent.

  1. Amazonite:

This stone has purely male energy. Man can use it effectively to find the necessary courage to express himself. This stone promotes calm and peaceful dialogue, helps to overcome differences, especially in love.

It is therefore quite simple to understand why amazonite is also known as the stone of authentic communication, which expresses emotions: the communication that comes from the heart. In fact, it harmonizes the 5th chakra with the 4th chakra, putting in contact the communicative expression that is proper to the 5th chakra with the Heart, with our deep emotions, allowing us to express what we really are, authentically, in our deep self.

Thanks to Amazonite you will be able to get in touch with your emotions and finally express them without fear, stopping being afraid or wanting to please others at all costs, recovering self-confidence and self-worth, and learning to express oneself with courage, saying what one has to say in an assertive and not overly nervous or passionate way as often happens to those who experience the frustration of not being able to communicate in a way adequate.

  1. Rose quartz for emotions

Rose quartz has a feminine energy type and is the base crystal of the fourth chakra, in other words, the green one associated with the cardiovascular system, the lungs and the chest area. The crystal, therefore, involves the heart both physically and emotionally. It is usually used in meditations by placing it on the heart chakra and imagining that it can give energy, well-being and serenity.

  1. Blue Agate:

Connected to the fifth chakra, it serves to improve communication and to expose one's ideas clearly.

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