Enhance Your Communication Skills With Septarian

Enhance Your Communication Skills With Septarian
This energy stone has a strong Shamanic influence that will strengthen group activities and stimulate patience. Septarian stone is believed to have formed during the Cretaceous period when sea levels were much higher.
Volcanic eruptions and other occurrences resulted in the death of small sealife that then sank into the seabed. As the specimens decomposed, sediments would accumulate and create a nodule or mud ball.
When the ocean levels receded, these mud balls were left exposed to the air and dried out, causing shrinking and cracking. The beautiful patterns you see inside this separation nodules are the result of this cracking.
Septarian is believed to be a healing stone as well as a protective stone. The vibration of this gemstone enhances privacy and they are favourable stones for improving your communication ability.
Within these stones, you will find a mixture of minerals like yellow calcite, aragonite, etc. This energy crystal strongly resonates with the solar plexus chakra, which is known as the power chakra.
Septarian vibrates with sacral or navel chakra as well as the root chakra. It is beneficial for speakers as it emits an energy that makes people listen to your words intently.
Septarian is an excellent healing crystal, especially if you are using it for self-healing. The concretions present in Septarian stones are an analogy for their work in the body.
It is known to be helpful to aid the healing of broken bones. Their vibrations are said to be beneficial to strengthen the teeth, bones, muscles, etc.
The abilities of this healing stone help you to develop a circle of close-knit people. Meditate with these crystals to obtain answers from your guardian angels.
The calming and centering vibrations of these unusual stones help to stimulate a diverse mixture of different aspects within your life.

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