Energizes Your Entire Chakra System with Zincite

This mineral has unusual and very potent energy. As soon as you hold this stone in your hand, you will feel its energy and make contact with it very quickly. This crystal proves to be a powerful stimulant to all the chakras and is an impressive aid for manifestation as well.
This healing crystal is an impressive stone to use for those who have been working on their higher chakras and is a potent stone with powerful metaphysical properties.
This crystal is known to stimulate and enhance your creativity and is useful especially if you have neglected to work on your lower chakras. Zincite is mainly found in Poland as well as some parts of Italy and the USA.
The colour of this stone might vary from brilliant red, rare yellow, bright orange and brown. These crystals are usually very small and still, they have strong energy. These crystals have the power to energize both the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, to open you to a high frequency which is brought down to the lower chakras.
This crystal is useful for women as it helps to alleviate the symptoms of menopause for women and helps them to adjust to the changes in life. This crystal can clear energy blocks in the chakra system, allowing a better flow of energy with the entire system.
This is a stone that sets your imagination free and brings all the things that you desire in your life. This stone enhances the zest for life inside you and increases your energy.
You can combine this stone with golden labradorite if you wish to have some positive changes in your life and bring in wealth.
Zincite is not a comfortable stone that can be used for long as its energy needs getting used to. The metaphysical properties of this stone will help to ground you spiritually. After stimulating the root chakra, the energies of this stone will move up the body stimulating the solar plexus or power chakra. It will move the energy up through the heart chakra to the higher chakras.
All in all, it is safe to say that your chakras will remain flowing with positive energies with the help of Zincite.

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