Effects of Pyrite on Our Well being

Pyrite is a golden-coloured gemstone which resonates with the energies of the earth and fire. It’s a stone of action, masculine and with powers of vitality and will. It stimulates the flow of positive ideas and helps people reach their maximum potential and achieve their goals.
It draws energy from the sun and helps people harvest the lasting impact of the celestial giant to generate wealth and maintain wellbeing.
It is called the fool’s gold because it reflective bright gold colour. But in many ways, this gemstone is way more valuable than gold; not in terms of the real monetary value of course.
It draws the energy of the earth through the body and projects it outwards to create a protective aura. This same aura keeps negative energies at bay during regular life, ensuring more productivity and creativity.
It also improves people’s intuition and judgment, helping them see through facades and realize what’s real. Pyrite also protects people from environmental pollution, emotional attacks, and physical harm.
Its confusion with actual gold is a very overhanded utilized lie since ancient times. Naïvete can cause a lot of people to mistake Pyrite for actual gold.
This led to mine-workers in the ancient times to fool people by presenting them with rocks of pyrite, and leading people to believe they’re still producing gold.
Many people experiencing problems in their marriage or romantic relationship can also benefit from a piece of Pyrite. It shields people from criticism and manipulation from their partner.
The same protection is provided by bosses, parents, and other people of authority who make you more prone to such manipulation. The stones calming energy helps people channel peace in such situations and shield them from anger, frustration, and upset, avoiding a shift in the balance of power.
Since it’s a masculine stone, its male energy is better for suppressed assertive nature and helpful for both men and women. For women, it helps by boosting their self-worth and suppress feelings of inferiority and make them feel more strong and independent.
For males, it re-enforces their self-confidence in masculinity and helps them become better overall leaders and men. It also supports men’s confident expression and eroticism.

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