Effective crystals to use for yoga practice


Crystals can bring a new world of intentions, energies, and powers into their yoga practice. They’re not just exquisite pieces of jewelry, but also embody transformation and contain an abundance of healing powers. Wondering if you are ready to boost the power of yoga practice with crystals, they can become your new best friends!

From creating positive change to manifesting intentions, to giving protection, intuition and a deeper sense of compassion and unconditional love - these crystals can help one to go deeper and get more clear.

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Check out the best crystals for yoga purpose while using for yourself:

Rose Quartz

This pink sweet is the crystal of love. Not only will it help one to uncover self-love and more compassion, it can also help to attract love and become more tolerant and accepting and can help to find a wide open and balanced heart.


If one is feeling stressed or are looking for that inner harmony in the practice, this is the right crystal for them! The amethyst helps them find that inner strength and balance that they are looking for. It keeps them balanced and is a great stone for keeping the negative thoughts away. 

Black Tourmaline

This dark stallion protects against negative energy and bad vibes. It will also help one create a positive attitude and bring better into life. This stone is excellent for releasing self-doubt and anxiety, helping them to ground and become more stable and centered.


This is a soft, feminine stone that helps to increase intuition, wisdom and sensitivity. It is the perfect crystal to bring abundance into life, all while offering them protection during challenging times. It helps to calm overreaction and relieve the tension of emotional stress.


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